Difference Visualisation

This prototype showcases our method to visualise differences between versions of biochemical models in a standardized format.

Select two model versions from your local system with the menu at the top or choose examples from below.

Kummer2000 - Oscillations in Calcium Signalling
BioModel: 000329

Liebal2012 - B.subtilis transcription inhibition model
BioModel: 000461

Comparison of the Dupreez models 6 and 7
JWS Online: Dupreez models

Comparison of two versions of the Th2 submap
from NaviCenta.

This project relies on D3 and BiVeS. Styling and Layout is based on Bootstrap 5.

Contact: Tom Gebhardt, University of Rostock
E-Mail: tom.gebhardt@uni-rostock.de